Centrifugal Impeller Dynamic Balance Technology And Innovation

Reasons for Impeller imbalance 

The causes of imbalance in the use of impellers can be divided into two types: impeller wear and impeller scaling. Caused by these two cases is related to induced draft fan dust removal device, the main reason for dry dust is wear-based and for wet dust is deposition

Centrifugal impeller balancing machine ---economy, energy saving, environmental protection

Centrifugal impeller balancing machines have a reliable design and use the industry's leading measurement system. Dynamic and static balance, support up to 10 kinds, add or de-weight, positive and negative can be flexibly customized measurement of the amount of balance and angle units can be customized, the accuracy of the display can be customized to achieve real-time conversion unit to meet different customer needs

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What is the purpose of impeller balancing?

the purpose is to check the material quality is uniform and manufacturing errors, and its unbalanced to eliminate or reduce the allowable range, for the next impeller over speed test .

Jp universal joint balancing machines, it can balance rotor weight from 50 kg to 30,000 kg maximum diameter of 2800 mm rotor. It uses universal joint coupling or gear box drive can be a variety of balanced speed or stepless speed control, and has a large drive power, high precision, easy to operate and so on. This machine is widely used in large and medium-sized motor rotor, blower, centrifugal impeller, dryer, drum and other rotating body balancing of the workpiece calibration