China Wuhan International Automobile Manufacturing Expositio

2018 China (Wuhan) Automobile Manufacturing and Industrial Assembly Expo was held in Wuhan International Expo Center from November 16th to 18th, 2018. The theme of this exhibition is “Building a good source of equipment and creating a source of high-quality cars”. The key focus is on the display of new equipment for auto parts manufacturing and the exchange of new technologies, giving full play to the automobile industry cluster and driving action. The automotive industry is developing steadily


Wuhan enjoys the reputation of “China's automobile capital” and plays a pivotal role in the development of China's automobile industry. Shanghai Jianping also took the opportunity to contribute his own strength. We are waiting for you at booth T63 in Hall A1. The exhibition is handled by Shanghai Jianping Wuhan Office.

As we all know, many parts of the car are making periodic rotary motions, such as brake discs, brake drums, hubs, condensing fans, differential housings, clutch pressure plates, and so on. These components need to be corrected for dynamic balance, which is the premise of a good and stable operation of the car. It can be said that there is a need to balance when there is rotation. Therefore, the balancing machine is widely used in the automotive industry.
At this exhibition, we brought four balance machines to meet you.
Single plane vertical drilling automatic balancing machine: Balance correction for workpieces such as clutch platen, flywheel, pulley, pump impeller

New energy rotor automatic balancing machine: It is applied to the balance correction of rotating parts such as rotors, impellers and rollers of various small and medium-sized motors.

Special balancing machine for automobile condensing fan: It is applied to the overall balance correction of the automobile engine cooling fan and the water tank cooling fan assembly.

Hard support belt drive universal balancing machine (with automatic positioning function): It is applied to large batch balance correction of small shaft rotors such as micro motors and power tools.

On the first day of development, the Jianping booth was crowded, and although the weather was a little cold, everyone was enthusiastic.

Through this exhibition, visitors not only have an in-depth understanding of Jianping's dynamic balancing machine equipment, but also have a deep understanding of Jianping's business philosophy of “integrity, innovation, cooperation and mutual benefit”. We will always implement the service concept of “ fulfilling our commitments and missions must be achieved” and insist on making a better balancing machine for users.

If you are still not satisfied at this exhibition, then we will be with you at the next exhibition in Shanghai a few days later, at the Frankfurt Auto Show in Shanghai!