Choose The Right Automotive Cooling System Dynamic Balancing Machine

The process of starting a car is a process of converting chemical energy into mechanical energy, but even though the current gasoline engines have undergone substantial technological improvements, about 70% of the energy in gasoline is converted into heat energy Distribute, is the main task of the car cooling system.
In order to make the automotive cooling system to better play a cooling role of the engine, car cooling fan balancing is very important.

Automotive cooling system composed of the main components
Automotive cooling system is not as simple as we think, which includes many components: radiator, water pump, radiator electronic fan assembly, thermostat, pump assembly, radiator water bottle, radiator fan, radiator under the protection Plate, radiator cover, radiator guard, thermostat cover, pump pulley, radiator fan and so on. Its composition is more complicated.
Automotive cooling systems need to be balanced components and the corresponding balance machine introduced


Cooling fan motor rotor
Motor Cooling Fan Motor Rotors are one of the rotating components in motor cooling fan motors, and the balance of motor rotors is of paramount importance.

For the general motor rotor, Shanghai Jianping belt drive balancing machine can make dynamic balancing test and correction.
1.swing frame professional design, to effectively transfer mechanical force, vibration damping small;
2.lap drive structure, high measurement accuracy;
3.Equipped with JP series electric measuring system, man-machine interface is friendly.
If customers need cooling fan motor rotor on a large scale mass production, Shanghai Jian Ping automatic motor rotor balancing machine is a very good choice.

Shanghai Jianping automatic motor rotor balancing machine features:
1.Balance and correction once can be finished, just need one person responsible for it.;
2.The production efficiency quickly, the once reduction rate is higher;
3.It is convenient to replace products, just need to replace products fixture and adjust the sensor position;
4.Rigidity structure design, with a longer use life.


Automotive cooling fan axial fan
Dynamic balance of axial fan is relatively simple, choose one-sided vertical balancing machine can be dynamic balance, in general, the use of aggravating the form of balance correction, but also by way of balance to balance correction.

Single-sided vertical balancing machine advantages:
① equipped with special fixtures, higher precision, more convenient folder;
② advanced 580B industrial measurement system, friendly man-machine interface;
③ According to customer requirements, equipped with heavy equipment.

Automotive cooling fan special balancing machine-PRZD-5H-type
Shanghai Jianping balancing machine in the specific needs of customers to study the case, research and development and production of automotive cooling fan special balancing machine.


Automotive cooling fan special balancing machine Description:
1.Mainly used in the whole balancing of automotive engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly
2.The machine uses 12-inch touch screen, and powerful JP800 balancing software.
3.It can not only measure balancing . But also test the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters.
4.Versatile fixture can accommodate variety of workpieces, pneumatic quick chuck can clamp the workpiece more quickly, greatly improve efficiency
5.Fast lifting safety doors, taking higher working efficiency and better security
Automotive engine cooling system, with Shanghai Jianping balancing dynamic balance correction, there will be a better balance of stability.