On August 20, 2018, the 16th China International Tire Expo (CITEXPO) was opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center. The expo lasted for three days, during which 276 companies from all over the world participated in the exhibition. At the exhibition, various specifications of tires, rims and other products were placed in the exhibition area. Among the many exhibits, the double-Plane vertical balancing machine of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was highly praised by the visitors after the appearance of the double-plane vertical balancing machine.


On the first day of Expo, Shanghai Jianping’s exhibition (Hall.2.2165) was already crowded. Many visitors have asked Shanghai Jianping about the principle and function of the balancing machine. Although so many visitors, Jianping staff did not panic, They patiently and methodically solved the problem for everyone, and at the same time gave them a demonstration of product features. During the demonstration, the visitors made an exclamation from time to time, and more people couldn’t help but say: “It’s really important that the balancing machine plays a role in reducing vibration, improving performance and improving quality for auto parts...”


In fact, the double-plane vertical balancing machine can not only play the above role in the automotive field, but also perform single/double-plane balance testing on the disk-shaped workpieces such as the flywheel, the impeller and the brake disc of the automobile. After the balance test and the inspection of qualified workpieces, after assembly into the vehicle, the vehicle is driven smoothly and orderly, which is favored by automobile manufacturers.

 Therefore, in this exhibition, many visitors have learned the cooperation intention with Shanghai Jianping after learning about the equipment of Shanghai Jianping and the future development direction of Jianping. Shanghai Jianping said: Welcome the trust and support of our customers, we will be happy to provide consumers with a satisfactory, higher quality balance machine, better service to everyone.

 Although Shanghai Jianping entered the automotive industry market soon, it was because of its good service and reputation that it won the trust of consumers. In fact, before entering the automobile industry, Shanghai Jianping had been deeply ploughed for 14 years in the field of balancing machines. The quality of the balancing machine produced was excellent, and it was recognized internationally and sold at home and abroad. And Shanghai Jianping also successfully passed the TUV Rheinland, ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, France BV certification, Switzerland SGS certification, EU CE certification and many other certifications.


At the Shanghai China International Tire Expo, Shanghai Jianping not only demonstrated the strength of the double-plane vertical balancing machine, but also demonstrated the strong strength of the Shanghai Jianping brand. In the future, Shanghai Jianping will continue to maintain the corporate tenet of “Quality is the root, integrity-based”, and continuously produce black technology, high-quality dynamic balancing machine , constantly meet the needs of consumers, and provide better customers. service.