Cleaning Work Of Auto Parts Balancing Machines

At present, with the use of microcomputer technology, will move the auto parts balance machine and into a new era, moving parts balancing machine in the performance, accuracy, operability have been significantly improved. The moving car parts balancer has been widely used, although it is easy to use, but will inevitably fall on the dust, looks not only beautiful, but also affect the mechanical properties, so there are a lot of people will ask, how to give Does the auto parts balance machine do the cleaning job?

Always keep the Auto Parts Balancing Machines clean, the rail surface should be kept clean, and should always paint rust. The support block or roller surface should be kept clean, free to adhere to iron filings, dust debris, each work should be wiped before the net support block or roller and rotor journal, plus a little oil. Move the support frame should also rotate the rotor or the left and right support frame at the same time moving at the same speed, so as not to scratch the surface of the journal and roller scratches, never allow the rotor on the roller frame for beating or impact. An unbalanced rotor produces a pressure on its support structure and the rotor itself during its rotation and causes vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary.

    1. Support the connection part of the surface to keep clean, work carefully before checking, refueling, in the work to maintain good lubrication.

    2. Pendulum parts in the factory has been adjusted before, do not arbitrarily disassemble in use.

    3. Lubrication at the end of each class plus the amount of 30 oil, the butter in a group of circumstances should be cleaned once a year

    4. Locking mechanism should be able to reliably lock the wings, release, should be completely away from the swing part of the swing frame only in the measurement of the release, the rest should be locked, the lock should not be moved when the wheel.

    5. non-working time on the swing should not be placed for a long time to be balanced parts.

    6. Electrical box should be kept clean to prevent moisture.

    7. The machine in the course of the discovery of abnormal can not be handled, it should promptly cut off the power and notify the maintenance team.

The glass of the photoelectric head of the auto parts balancer should always wipe the outer surface of the lens with a mirror paper or a mirror cloth to keep it clean. Do not wipe the mirror with an oiled yarn or dirty cloth. Auto parts balancing machine is a sophisticated testing equipment, there should be a dedicated person responsible for custody and operation.