Completes The Pulley Balance Correction, Silence In Driving

Car pulley is one of the important parts of the car engine. The normal operation of the car cannot do without pulley. Although the belt is relatively simple structure, but it is a very important car engine system components.

Vehicle Engine Pulley

What is the function of pulley?
Currently on the market, pulley roughly rigid wheel, OAP, OAD, the application of rigid wheel is still relatively wide, but the latter two technology is higher. Pulley is a hub type of work piece, the size is generally a little bit big, mainly used for more long-distance power transmission, and so the pulley will determine the power of the output.


A good pulley can slow down the belt wear, but also weaken the belt jitter problem. The tension wheel life will be relatively high. A good pulley will not issue annoying noise and will not produce obvious of the vibration. A good pulley can reduce fuel consumption. It can be seen that the merits of the pulley between the points, but also on the driving have a greater impact.


Pulley automatic balancing machine is developed to complete the car pulley for high-precision balance measurement and correction. Automated measurement, drilling correction and re-testing process, to prevent the waste of human resources, can significantly reduce the time of a single balance, improve the balance efficiency.

 Pulley Automatic Balance Machine

In order to enhance the quality and balance of the pulley, but also to enhance the efficiency of balance, JP is moving balancing machine in the consumption of a lot of time and energy under the circumstances to create the belt wheel balancing machine, which not only has a great advantage of automation, but also has ensured that a high balance accuracy to achieve more than two times to the parts to re-correction.


The machine applies the latest technology. The parts from the balance measurement, angle positioning, drilling to heavy and re-test, all the implementation of automation with simple operation are easy to use, high precision for small and medium production.