Congratulated Annual Celebration Of 2016 Shanghai Jianping Successfully Held

Jade sheep display Peaceful atmosphere.Fu monkey bring the delight.Purple east, Vientiane update.Bid farewell to 2015 and usher in the new 2016.Looking back over the years of struggle Road, Prospect Jp Balancing machine new future!

New Year Message from GM .Jin Wang.Recalling the hard way of Jianping 2015, we affirmed the tremendous accomplishments 2015, Jianping step by step, year to a new height.

Jianping development is inseparable from the hard work of front-line staff; Jianping today is inseparable from the joint efforts of frontline staff, a paid, there must be a return

During the evening, versatile Jianping elites, have debut, to show their own style.












At last family singing "love each other family," togetherto express strong confidence about Jianping bright future and good wishes.This is a joyous event, not only shows the staff positive youth style, but also demonstrates the harmonious fraternity of all our colleagues, but also to convey the company's grand plans, soaring ambition