Cooling Fan Balancing Machine Operation Guildance

Car cooling fan, also known as car cooling fan, is an important part of the car cooling system. A functional fan has been restricted in production to allow vibration and noise in an extreme range. The effect of cooling will dramatically different in car cooling system by using rigid fans compared with regular fans with weak balance test. The followings state the rigorous balancing machine operating steps:


Step 1: Install the prepared car cooling fan on the balancing machine. Pay attention to the line fixed with cooling fans installed.


Step 2: set the parameters, enter the appropriate parameter values, calibration, and measurement. Notice that the value is entered according to the specific situation of the part.


Step 3: At the end of the measurement, check the specific situation on the display. According to the interface prompts, add the appropriate amount of measurement in the corresponding location.


Step 4: Remove the amount of measurement, measurement, detection of unbalanced angle and magnitude.


Step 5: In the detection of unbalanced position plus the corresponding unbalanced value, measured. To meet the pre-set dynamic balance requirements, the part balance test processing is completed. Remove the part.


Pay attention to wiring cable when installing the part.
After the unbalance amount has been determined, the add-on weight that will counteract unbalance weight should not been dramatically increasing since the measuring sensor is rigid.