Cooling Fan Manufacturers To See-cooling Fan Dynamic Balancing Machine

Modern car and the relationship between human life is more and more close to people production and life indispensable tool. Of course, Requirement of the car performance is also getting higher and higher, almost every component of modern cars have become the subject for research. Reduce energy consumption, reduce noise is the modern car design must seriously consider the two major issues


The cooling fan in the vehicle engine cooling system is an area that we can focus on. In normally time, he is not only a great energy-consuming parts, but also a large noise source.Therefore, the way to reduce the fan power consumption and fan noise is to ensure that the cooling needs , reduce the fan speed or according to the engine cooling water temperature changes to adjust the fan speed.

car cooling fan balancing machine to improve thequality of cooling fans


In order to help the cooling fan to better solve the balance and noise issues, Jp balancing machine developed and produced a special balancing machine for the cooling fan, specifically used in automotive engine cooling fan, cooling fan, car condensing fan, water tank cooling fan assembly as a whole Dynamic balance


Function : Mainly provided dynamic balance detection and correction processing for various types of vehicle fans; in the measurement of dynamic balance .It can also measure the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters. Compared to the general function of a single cooling fan balancer has a greater advantage

Jp new upgrade fan cooling balancing machine

From the appearance is not surprising to the dignified, The appearance of jp cooling fan balancing machine has a greater degree of adjustment after upgrading, the new automatic safety protection door  can better protect the safety of the operator


Change is not just the appearance, but also its inner

The new revision of the cooling fan balancing machine, specifically for the car cooling fan, car condensing fan assembly, not only to provide a single fan balance check, but also to double fan balance detection. Do you think that's just that?

New energy performance test, vibration test and yaw test function, a slight vibration can also be accurately measured; multi-function fixture to adapt to more varieties, and pneumatic fast chuck can more quickly and easily clamp the workpiece, save time costs, Greatly improve work efficiency.