Cooling Struck-let The Car Heat Up Car Heaters Balance Machine

I do not know if there is such a feeling, before and after 1st October suddenly there is a winter rush. Especially to stay for two days in the south and then back to Beijing, the cold wind almost hit me began to doubt life, if this feeling really want words to express, then use blue thin, mushrooms to describe the absolute right. So how can we get a more comfortable ride environment, car heater is definitely a good choice

How does car heater work?

Between the engine and the water tank, and attached to a warm fan water tank, through the engine with the heat of the coolant in the flow to the tank at the same time also flow to the warm fan water tank, resulting in the warm water tank is also with the heat of the coolant for heat Pass, so warm fan water tank to heat up. Heating the water fan tank to send out the heat with the air conditioning air duct to reach the air conditioning outlet blowing out, so there is a warm air.

What is the difference between warm air and air conditioning?

The difference between warm air and air conditioning is that the working principle of heating and air conditioning is different, the air conditioner is pressurized by the compressor to liquefy the refrigerant, and then vaporize and absorb the heat in the air to achieve the effect of cooling. When the air conditioner is turned on, the compressor pulley will increase the load on the engine, so it will consume a certain amount of oil.

Will open car heater increase the consumption?

In common sense, open the fan heater will not increase fuel consumption, but it is not absolute


Good car heaters, can not do without car heater balancing machine

Car heaters take the hot air into the compartment of the task, played a role in improving the environment inside the car. A balanced car heater, not only for a long time to provide warmth to the car service, and will not produce strange noise. And these are inseparable from the balancing calibration of the car fan heater balance machine

In the past, car heaters are using a universal balancing machine to balance and detect, After in a detailed understanding of the specific needs of customers ,Jp Balancing Machine developed car heaters special balancing machine. Well-designed electrical measurement system with a touch screen, intuitive to see the balance result, specially designed support frame to adapt to the overall balance of the heater; the balance error can be reduced to A smaller range, to ensure that the heater has a better quality, more stable balance.

Car heater balancing machine not only improve the stability of the heater balance, but also extent its life, but also can reduce the noise heat generated when the heater can be described as multiple purposes. In order to produce better and higher quality of car heater, It is very necessary for heater manufacturers to purchase the car heater balancing machine.