Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Machine Has Used Shanghai Jianping

In recent years, people's living standards continue to increase, more and more families have embarked on the road to purchase vehicles, you can clearly feel the vehicle occupies a very important role in people's lives.

Busy cities are filled with traffic when commuting to and from work. In order to ensure the safety and stability of the car, it is very important for auto parts, especially those that rotate at high speed during driving.


The crankshaft, the most important part of an engine, takes on the force transmitted by the connecting rod and converts it into torque that is output through the crankshaft and drives the other attachments to the engine. The crankshaft is subjected to centrifugal force of rotating mass, cyclical gas inertial force and reciprocating inertial force, so that the crankshaft is subjected to bending torsional load. Therefore, crankshaft requires a sufficient strength and stiffness, journal surface wear-resistant, uniform work, good balance.

In order to make the car crankshaft have a better balance, in order to make the driver and passengers have a better driving experience, in order to reduce the car's instability, Shanghai Jian-ping in the analysis of the needs of our customers, through the sword of advanced technology , Designed, tested and manufactured crankshaft automatic balancing machines under the requirements of ISO, CE, and customer's factory standard. It has a wide range of application and can balance and correct rotors with a maximum weight of 30 kg and a diameter of 200 mm.


This crankshaft automatic balancing machine manufactured by Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is based on the latest technology of Shanghai Jianping. It is widely used in the balance correction of four-cylinder crankshaft and six-cylinder crankshaft, Cut heavy and re-test all automatic.
Crankshaft automatic balancing machine Features:

Manual loading and unloading
2.15 inch touch screen
Balancing machine measurement software advanced;
4 automatic measurement, automatic drilling correction, automatic retest;
5. The workpiece can be more than two times to re-amend;
6. Soft support high-precision balance measurement system;
7. Steel machine structure design, high service life;
8. Using multiple scaling coefficient combinations, automatically adjust the system sensitivity.

As a professional balancing machine manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd has a crankshaft automatic balancing machine with advanced technology and excellent quality. It is suitable for a wide range of operation and is very suitable for small and medium batch production.