Crankshaft Automatic Balancing Machine-so That Crankshaft Balance Is No Longer Difficult

Crankshaft breakage usually starts at the minimum crack, cracks occur mostly in the crankshaft or cylinder end of the cylinder rod fillet and crank arm junction. In operation, the crack gradually expanded, reaching a certain degree of sudden break

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Crankshaft engine failure problem

1. the fillet on both ends of the crankshaft journal is too small

2. crankshaft main journal axis offset

3. crankshaft cold contest too large

4. flywheel loose

5. the quality of the crankshaft itself is poor

6. spindle not coaxial

7. crankshaft assembly clearance is too large

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Engine crankshaft rupture fault diagnosis and troubleshooting

First, before repairing the crankshaft, carefully check the crankshaft for cracks

Second, the journal size wear overrun, we should try to use the journal fatigue strength less affected method to be restored

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Crankshaft automatic balancing machine

Crankshaft is responsible for the piston up and down the reciprocating motion into its own circular motion of the main task, under normal circumstances, we are talking about the engine speed is actually the crankshaft speed, we can see the necessary and important crankshaft dynamic balance.

From the crankshaft manufacturer's pain point, to create high precision, excellent automation, simple operation crankshaft automatic balancing machine. Jp balancing macine offers a full range of crankshaft automatic balancing machines in a standard range that balances up to 30 kg of rotor with a maximum diameter of 200 mm.

High technology to change life, high technology to improve production methods, balance testing will also continue from the artificial manual balance of decades to fully automatic direction.