Create High-quality Cooling Fan, Cooling Fan No Longer Naughty

The low-pressure vapor of the refrigerant in the refrigeration system is sucked into the compressor and compressed into high-pressure steam and then enters the condenser. At the same time, the outdoor air drawn by the condensing fan flows through the condenser and takes away the heat released by the refrigerant, so that the high-pressure refrigerant vapor condenses into high pressure. liquid. The high-pressure liquid is sprayed into the evaporator after passing through a filter, a throttling mechanism, and is vaporized at a corresponding low pressure to absorb the surrounding heat. At the same time, the condensing fan allows the air to continuously enter the evaporator fins for heat exchange.

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Automotive Cooling fan balancing machine create high-quality cooling fan, cooling fan no longer naughty.If the car air-conditioning cooling fan vibration occurs violently, most of them because there is no balance, its own stability and stability there are some flaws, affecting the cooling effect of the car will also affect the mood of the driver.

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Now there is a machine, which is called the car cooling fan dedicated balancing machine, mainly used in automotive engine cooling fan, radiator cooling fan assembly of the overall balance, but also for electrical performance testing and vibration, yaw test, but also to meet the single Fan product balance test, you want to use it to improve the cooling fan balance and quality?

Shanghai Jianping automotive cooling fan balancing machines, fast clamping tools, greatly improve efficiency, high-precision balance measurement system to ensure the balance of quality.