Cross Flow Fan Blade Unbalanced - Because You Didn't Know Cross Flow Fan Blade Balancer

Cross Flow Fan Blade is driven by the tubular fan driven by the motor and generates a certain amount of air circulation for the air conditioner, thereby achieving the heat exchange between the indoor air and the heat exchanger of the indoor air conditioner by circulating air. 

cross flow fan blade balancing machine.png

Shanghai JP balancing machineprovided Cross Flow Fan Blade balancing machine adopts advanced electric measuring system, uses multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatically adjusts system sensitivity, skips without shifts, double hardware and software filtering, high speed data compression, and measurement is more stable, more accurate and faster. The measurement value display uses a combination of digital and vector graphics. All system parameters have prompt information, including parameter definitions and setting ranges. There is a full wizard for the calibration process. Cross Flow Fan Blade balancing machine is mainly used to balance the air-conditioning tuyere blades and other similar rotary workpieces. The machine adopts belt drive to ensure the balance quality and accuracy of the workpiece, convenient loading and unloading, quick start, and high work efficiency.