Industrial use: Agricultural
Machine: Dynamic balancing machine
Model: PHW-10000H

Installed for agricultural applications, Jp  dynamic balancing machine model PHW-10000H replaces an existing installation.

Capable of balancing rotors from 160mm to six metres in length, the innovative balancing machine is supplied with a telescopic reinforced safety guard and two zero speed interlocks, which prevents the safety guard opening until the machine spindle is stationary.

The PHW-10000H can measure imbalance in rotors weighing up to 10000 Kg and has a measuring sensitivity of 2gmm. The dynamic balancing machine can be fitted with a run out measuring system for measuring eccentricity and deflection at different speeds.

Dedicated software is used for calculating imbalance when the rotor is bending at higher speeds. The measuring instrument is connected to a printer for downloading personalised balancing certificates and a local intranet system so that measuring results can be archived for future reference.

Fitted with the latest Windows based technology, the measuring instrument provides fast, accurate results enabling unbalance correction to be completed in the shortest time.Jp Balancing Machine is the CN specialist in balancing machines. Get in touch, so we can discuss your balancing requirements