Depth Analysis Of Balancing Machine Structure

Balancing machine mainly by the electrical measurement part, the electronic control part and the mechanical three parts, and the three parts are indispensable, all choose the balance machine plays a vital role. Each component has its own function.

1, the electrical measurement system: the main function is to deal with the sensor from the electrical signal, showing the rotor imbalance in the location and size. It is a balancing machine in the key components, its good or bad directly affect the performance of the balance machine.

2, the mechanical part: the general horizontal dynamic balance, for example, balance the lower part of the bed is to place the balance of the various parts of the machine and the basis of solid equipment, by the left and right two wings through the wheel to support the rotor to provide rotor rotation conditions. Through the belt or coupling drag the rotor rotation, according to the sensor mounted on the two pendulum frame vibration signal into electrical signals to the electrical measurement part of the mechanical part also includes the axial stop and the security frame and other auxiliary components.

3, the electronic control part: is to control the drag dynamic balancing machine motor start and stop and speed control components, also known as electric control box. The electronic control part is two kinds of direct current control and AC control, among which AC control is divided into two-speed AC control and frequency conversion AC control. Some of the electronic control part of the balance and mechanical parts into one.

What will affect the work of the balancing machine?

1, the impact of the workpiece itself

Balance accuracy can not meet the requirements of the workpiece balance case;

The circumference of the workpiece itself is not good;

The workpiece itself, the case of poor stiffness;

The actual working condition of the workpiece and the balance check state is inconsistent;

2, the balance machine itself

Installation of the balance of the foundation does not meet the requirements, easy to cause resonance;

Left and right support is not the same level, easily lead to rotor around the movement;

The sensor output signal is not normal;

Balancing machine The photoelectric head is not aligned with the reflective paper and may cause the angle to shift;