Detailed Explanation Of The Rotor Balancing-All The Knowledge Are Here!

What is rotor imbalance?

Commonly machinery contains a large number of rotating parts, such as various drive shaft, spindle, motor and steam turbine rotor, collectively referred to as the rotating body

Various rotating bodies in the project, due to uneven material or blank defects, machining and assembly errors, or even asymmetric geometry and other factors when designing, making the rotating body in the rotation, the above each Centrifugal inertial force generated by tiny particles can not cancel each other. The centrifugal inertial force acts on the machine and its foundation through the bearing, causing vibration.For this purpose, the rotor must be balanced to the level of permissible balancing accuracy

Why do dynamic balance?

Dynamic imbalance is the most common imbalance, it is a combination of static imbalance and couple imbalance. Unbalanced rotor through the dynamic balance correction, not only eliminates the couple imbalance, but also eliminates the static imbalance, then the rotor center of inertia and axis of rotation will be exactly the same, make the rotor achieve balance

Requirement about dynamic balancing machine accuracy

An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its bracket and the rotor itself during its rotation and causes vibrations. Therefore, in order to improve the rotor quality, reduce the noise, reduce the vibration, improve the service life of the supporting components (bearings), reduce the discomfort of users and reduce the power consumption of the products, it is very important that the rotor reaches the dynamic balance accuracy. Automatic balancing machine is a device to do dynamic balance measurement for rotor in the rotating state , calculate the amount of unbalance and implementation of calibration (increase or decrease) to achieve dynamic balance (the remaining imbalance in the tolerable range)

Advantages of rotor automatic balancing machine

1.Balance and correction can be finished at a time,Just need one person for it

2.Production takt is faster,Once reduction rate is higher

3.Easy to replace product,Only need to replace products fixture and adjust sensor position

4.Man-Machine interface,It has memory function for production capacity and real-time production information

5.Rigidity structure design,with a longer use life

6.Applicable for pump and end face-removal weight products balancing correction,it is used for rotor production line to achieve automatic production

At present, with the application of microcomputer technology, Jp Balancing Machine will bring the dynamic balance into a new era. The balancing machine has been significantly improved in terms of performance, precision and operability. It has been widely used in the power tools, Machinery manufacturing, fans, motors, paper, textile, household appliances, metallurgy and other fields