Details The Key To Success—Brake Disc Automatic Balancing Machine

The regular inspection of vehicles is too one-sided and rough. Many of the parts that you cannot see are difficult to reach, but they have a crucial impact on driving safety, and may even cause potential safety hazards. Therefore, attention must be paid to it.

The brake disc is a very important part of the brake system. A good brake disc is stable, no noise, no vibration. Many DIY players do not have the expertise to change brake discs by themselves, because the original brake discs are tested by many professional engineers and are fully able to withstand the braking force of their own cars. Sometimes after replacing the punched brake disc, the brake effect is not necessarily better than the original normal disc. Therefore, if you talk about the safety of the total parts, you also need to be careful when the riders are refitting.


As with the brake pads, the brake discs do not clearly define the replacement cycle. The service life is also increased or decreased with the driver's driving habits and road conditions, and is approximately 100,000 kilometers. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that each time you replace the brake pads, replace them with new brake pads.

Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine provides a standard range of automatic balancing machines that can balance disc-shaped workpieces from several grams to a maximum of 35kg in diameter and 450mm in diameter. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special automatic balancing machines that can fit all types of rotors.


1.Manual loading and unloading
2.15-inch touch screen
3.Advanced balancing measuring software
4.Automatic measure,automatic milling and correction,automatic retest
5.Rigidity structure design,with a longer use life
6.The machine is designed for the automatic balancing of disc-shaped parts in one plane

Brake Disc automatic balancing machine is designed for the automatic balancing of disc-shaped parts in one plane. The machine A1LX20 with one station is one of the advanced vertical balancing machines of shanghai jianping. The whole balancing task is completed automatically including measuring, indexing, milling correction and checking. A1LX20 is a good choice to mass produce with short cycle.