Disc Shaped Rotor Vertical Drilling Automatic Balancing Machine

Why manufacture automatic vertical drill balancing machines?

In order to allow the customer to balance the workpiece faster and more efficiently when using the balancing machine, the small and medium batch production of the workpiece is completed, and each workpiece for balance checking is balanced from balance measurement, angular positioning, drilling to heavy Test, achieve automation.

Widely used in the balance correction of automobile clutch pressure plate, flywheel, pulley and water pump impeller

Clutch pressure plate

The clutch platen is the active part of the clutch and is responsible for providing pressure to the clutch friction plates and for achieving clutch separation and engagement. When the clutch is engaged, the platen presses against the friction plate of the clutch, and engine power is transmitted to the transmission input shaft through the friction plate.



The direct and important function of the car flywheel is to store a part of the energy and inertia of the engine during the movement. In the four strokes of the engine, only the stroke of the intake, exhaust, and compressed energy comes from the energy stored in the flywheel.


The car pulley is one of the important parts on the car engine. The normal operation of the car is inseparable from the role and support of the pulley. Although the pulley is simple in structure, it is a very important part in the engine system of the car.

Water pump impeller

When the pump is balancing, the entire rotor component should be done at the same time, the impeller is replaced, the balance point is changed, and it needs to be re-aligned. After doing the balancing, mark the position of each part, and then assemble the whole pump, in order to achieve the effect of dynamic balance.

The automatic vertical drilling balancing machine adopts Jianping's electric measuring system, dynamic and static balance, and up to 10 kinds of support methods. It can be flexibly customized with de-weighting and forward-reversal. It adopts multiple calibration coefficient combination to automatically adjust system sensitivity and shift. Jump, software and hardware double filtering, data compression, measurement is more stable, more accurate, faster, calibration interface is more convenient to maintain, calibration of up to 10 segments, calibration coefficient real-time verification, and equipped with system linear map, measurement The displayed balance amount and angle unit can be customized, and the display precision can also be customized at will, realizing real-time conversion of units to meet different customer needs.