Discussion On The Future Development Trend Of Balancing Machine

  Discussion on the future development trend of balancing machine

  In the field of balancing technology, the current central topic can be said to be production technology and standardization.balancing machine The former can be summed up in order to determine its reasonable balance precision and to ensure this precision and establish a balance means, including the balance of the state of the good or bad to use what scale to identify, evaluation of the benchmark problem. At the same time,balancing machine it is very important to balance the flexible rotors that produce dynamic flexure when rotating at high speed, and people are researching and exploring the problem. A problem is the standardization of balance, both at home and abroad, for this problem is very active. JIS (Japanese industrial standards) and ISO (International standards) have developed standards, the type of benchmark is also increasing. These standards undoubtedly contribute to the standardization and rationalization of products and operations.

  With regard to the future development of the balancing machine, it is generally believed that the scope of the equilibrium will extend to the whole process of the manufacturing of the rotary body. Now, with a few exceptions, most of the balance is for the final process of rotating parts. However, when the whole manufacturing process is regarded as a system, in order to achieve a certain goal and strive to obtain the maximum effect with the least labor, it is necessary to study and implement the method of balancing at some stage in the process, that is to say, the balancing problem must be considered at various stages, such as raw material preparation, machining stage, machining end, assembly stage and so on. At this time,balancing machine the whole process of monitoring, calculation and control of course, the use of computers, for example, for the mass production of the balance of products, the need to eventually monitor the statistical nature of the product, according to the need, feedback information can make the front process automatic adjustment, in order to maintain a reasonable balance of product accuracy.