Distinctions Between Vertical Balancing Machines, Single Plane Or Double?

Vertical balancer refers to the rotor rotation axis that was in the vertical state of the balance machine. Generally, no rotary axis of the disc-shape parts, such as fan blades, pump impeller, hood wind Wheel, flywheel, grinding wheel, saw blade, chuck, brake, are suitable for vertical dynamic balancing machine, PHLD series of JP Balancing Machines products line.
Vertical balancer has a wide range application that all kind of products suitable for single-plane vertical balancing machine. What are the features for the selection of double-plane vertical balancing machine?
Advantages of single-plane vertical balancing machine Features:
Single-plane vertical balancing machine is developed in recent years, the use of a wide range of new balancing machine equipment, it applies to the vertical work piece in the vertical check the balance of single-plane, mainly for fans, blades, Brakes, clutches, brake drums, chucks, grinding wheels, saw blades, pulleys and other disc-shaped parts for balance correction.

Vertical Balancing Machine

Merits of single-plane vertical balancing machines:
1. Professional design of the pendulum, the effective transmission of mechanical force, solid and reliable, vibration resistance, good rigidity.
2. High sensitivity sensor, good linearity, durable and reliable;
3. Permanent calibration measurement principle, high precision, allowing very high initial unbalance.
4. Equipped with special fixture, higher precision, easier clamping;
5. Advanced electrical measurement system, friendly man-machine interface, full-featured.
Single-plane vertical balancer special balancing machine, is an extension of general-purpose balancing machine technology. The characteristic is that the balance of the work piece, high efficiency, test the work piece fast. According to statistics, single-sided balancing machine to test the speed of the work piece is a common balancing machine test speed of 3 to 5 times the industrial assembly line is the best test tool equipment.
Although the single-plane vertical balancing machine is very efficient, but it also has some shortcomings, its only limitation is only to test disc-like parts, the scope is relatively small, and the work piece form is slightly single.


Double-plane vertical balancer in the single-sided vertical balancer on the basis of the addition of a new function: the work piece can be single-plane dynamic balance or double-plane dynamic balance, in the single-plane vertical balancing machine on the basis of step A big step forward.
The advantages of double-plane vertical balancing machine:
1. The use of new technology designed pneumatic spindle, special box, with a special fixture, fixture can be achieved pneumatic relaxation hold tight;
Compared with the traditional rigid and elastic fixture, it has the advantages of convenient loading and unloading, low labor intensity, high production efficiency, high precision and wide application range. It is especially suitable for mass production of work piece.
3. The use of variable frequency motor drive, you can stepless speed, smooth acceleration and deceleration. More efficient and safe.


Double-plane vertical balancing machine also has some of the advantages in single plane vertical balance machines, but double-plane vertical balancing machine can be used as a single-plane balance machin and technically slightly better than single-plane vertical balancing machine.