Dynamic Balancing Machine Cleaning Job

The use of Shanghai Jianping dynamic balance motor balancing machine also includes cleaning work. To keep the balance machine clean, it is necessary to clean the surface of the guide rail, and should always apply some lubricating oil to avoid rust. Let's take a look at how the balancing machine should do the cleaning work correctly.

The surface of the dynamic balancing machine supporting the connecting part should be kept clean, check before work, and maintain good lubrication during work. In the non-working time, the balancing test machine should not be placed on the pendulum for a long time.
The parts of the pendulum are adjusted before leaving the factory, and should not be disassembled during use.
The electric measuring box of the dynamic balancing machine should be kept clean to prevent moisture.
The above four points you need to pay attention to when cleaning the dynamic balancing machine, I hope you can help you after understanding, and if you have other questions, you are welcome to consult.