Effectively Provide Precision, Reliable & Cost Effective Solutions For Balancing Job-work

Shanghai Jianping balancing machine to provide a range of standard automatic balancing machine, you can balance from a few grams up to a maximum diameter of 35 kg 450 mm disc-shaped workpiece.As one of the leading service providers in the industrial arena, we have been serving our clients by offering services related to Balance Rotors. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special automatic balancing machines that can suit all types of rotors.

 brake disc automatic balancer.png

With our rich industrial experience, We launched Brake disc automatic balancing machine. Several key points of production, service, innovation and quality appear to be simple, and they are perfectly integrated and developed in Jianping Enterprise. The reform and innovation of the enterprise is a powerful source of Jianping's sonorous voice. And strength, quality, service and courage are the fundamental cornerstones of Jianping in innovating.