Energy Saving And Environmental Protection-New Energy Motor Automatic Balancer

Nowadays, new energy vehicles are being promoted. According to the current situation in China, new energy vehicles should implement a diversified development strategy. The technical level of pure electric vehicles, and the level of battery and motor technology will reach a mature level. The final important point in achieving the motor technology level is the need for new energy motor automatic balancing machine.


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The development of new energy vehicles is the most important change in automotive power technology in the past 100 years. It is a huge driving force for the rapid development of the automotive industry. In the development and advancement of the road, the new energy motor automatic balancing machine improves the automotive engine system. The new energy motor balancing machine/environmental motor balancing machine adopts a belt drive and is driven by a variable frequency speed control motor to ensure the balance quality and accuracy of the workpiece. It has the characteristics of convenient loading and unloading, quick startup, and high working efficiency.


new energy motor automatic balancing machine.png


1.Specially designed brackets transmit mechanical force with low vibration damping
2.Durable and reliable sensor possesses good linearity
3.Permanent calibration brings high accuracy with a permission of large initial unbalance amount
4.Belt-driving offers higher precision and easier operation
5.Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface
6.Modular design offers a wide range of application
7.Widely used for small and medium new energy motor, environmental protection motor, impeller, crankshaft, roller, shaft and any other rotating parts' balancing correction