Engine Cooling Fan Does Not Meet Requirements-because No Dynamic Balance Test!

Automotive air conditioning cooling fan will do dynamic balance testing before leaving company, dynamic balancing test can not be separated from dynamic balancing equipment. The development of automobile industry drives the development of dynamic balancer industry. Auto cooling fan balancing machine manufactured by Jp is upgraded from a manual balancing machine to a semi-automatic balancing machine. At present, the cooling fan balancing machine for automobile air-conditioners not only has the function of measuring dynamic balancing, It also increase the electrical properties test and vibration and yaw test function, greatly improving the working efficiency of balancing machines, Provide better balancing solutions for customers



Automotive air conditioning cooling fan balancing machine features

1 to improve air conditioning cooling fan and product quality of the composition 

2 to reduce air conditioning cooling fan vibration;

3 to improve the service life of bearing components (bearings);

4 reduce the user's discomfort;

5 reduce product power consumption.


Cooling fan balancing machine
is mainly used in automobile engine cooling fan, water tank cooling fan assembly balance. The machine adopts 12-inch touch screen, powerful JP800 balance software. In the measurement of dynamic balanceing, the machine can also carry out current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters test. Multi-function fixture can adapt to more varieties, pneumatic quick chuck can clamp the workpiece faster, greatly improve working efficiency


Jp car cooling fan balancing machine can also  test current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters. in order to maintain good performance for cooling fan, Jp balancing machine made a considerable efforts and extremely serious study. Hope under the hep of car cooling fan balancing machine , more and more cooling fans have better performance to ensure driving safety