Enginer Part Crankshaft And Automated Dynamic Balance

Crankshaft is the main part of the engine used to transmit power. In the engine cycle, the crankshaft will form the rotation mass of the centrifugal inertia force and other complex alternating load by the cyclical changes in the gas pressure, the reciprocating mass of the inertial force, resulting in reverse the lateral and longitudinal vibration, bear pull, pressure, bend and wear. So the crankshaft should be required to have sufficient strength, stiffness, toughness, wear resistance and good balance. As the accuracy of the crankshaft demanding, crankshaft with the journal, so before processing, an important job is to solve the crankshaft counterweight balance problem, eccentricity control, and surface roughness. That need a crankshaft balancing machine.



Crankshaft automatic balancing machine is a dedicated electrical measurement system. Measurement methods diversification, dynamic and static balance, support up to 10 kinds, plus weight, positive and negative can be customized flexible. Crankshaft balancing machine not only has high precision measurement, and the use of multiple calibration coefficient combination, automatically adjust the system sensitivity, but also hardware and software double filter, high-speed data compression. JP provides a standard range of crankshaft automatic balancing machines that can balance the maximum weight of 30 kg, 200 mm diameter rotor. As a professional manufacturer, we have special crankshaft automatic balancing machine that can fit all types of crankshafts.