Enshi 3 Days Tour Warm Start-JP Balancing Machines

In order to promote corporate culture and strengthen the spirit of cooperation among the various teams, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the "Enshi 3 Day Tour" on October 20, 2018. It is understood that a total of 100 employees participated in the event, and they left a memorable memory in the Enshi Grand Canyon in Hubei, a national 5A-level tourist attraction.


Under the guidance of the scenic tour guide, Shanghai Jianping and his entourage came to the mysterious Suobu Stone Forest. It is understood that the total area of the shuttle stone forest is about 21 square kilometers. The entire stone forest looks like a huge gourd from the outside image, surrounded by green screens, and the peaks compete. Surrounded by the peaks, Shanghai Jianping and his entourage walked through the 460-year-old Ordovician stone forest, enjoying the unique “dissolved” and “wearing crown” landscapes, and feeling the wonders of nature.


At noon, after a small break, Shanghai Jianping and his entourage went to the Yunlong seam in the Enshi Grand Canyon. At the sign of Yunlong's seams, many of Jianping's little friends took a group photo, and left a gesture of "better than heart", and made a beautiful wish. Afterwards, everyone visited the famous Yunlong Shengjing landscape and enjoyed the different types of waterfalls and karst pictographs.

On the second day, Shanghai Jianping’s friends, under the guidance of the tour guide, visited the famous scenic spot, Qixingzhai. When the crowd walked on the suspended plank road at a height of 300 meters and looked at the strange landscape between the canyons, there were bursts of exclamations from time to time. Although it was a little thrilling on the plank road, everyone was admiring the scenery of the hundred miles, the proud peak, the virgin forest, the ancient village and many other places on the road. It is a feast for the eyes.

After leaving Qixing Village, which is full of strange landscapes, Shanghai Jianping dynamic balancing machine and his party arrived at the terminal of the trip on the third day, Tusi City. Into the Enshi Tusi City, the oncoming is a towering toast city gate building, two statues of gods holding dragons on the left and right sides of the gate, which is quite majestic and solemn. After taking pictures here, everyone went into the city to experience the customs of the Tujia people. At this point, this autumn tour event has come to an end.

Through this autumn tour, Shanghai Jianping successfully brought together the feelings of the employees, and also demonstrated the team spirit of mutual help and mutual assistance. In the future, Shanghai Jianping will also carry out various activities to enrich the spare time of employees and create more satisfactory living conditions for employees.