Ensure Smooth Operation Of The Generator-Motor Balancing Machine

Shanghai Jianping company developed a motor rotor balancing machine (auto positioning car generator rotor balancing machine) is particularly suitable for large quantities of micro-motor rotor balance, Driven by advanced servo drives, to achieve the stepless speed regulation of parameters, to achieve add & down speed smoothly. Once the measurement is qualified ,It will stop automatically, if not qualified .it will stop at the point of imbalance automatically . In addition, if customers have the requirements to add or de-weight it can also be achieved. This car generator rotor balancing machine is highly praised by the majority of users because of its high sensitivity and flexible automatic positioning maners

Adopted Jp advanced electrical measurement system, the measured value display using digital and vector combinations, all the system parameters are mentioned, and the calibration process has a guide throughout all, and Monitoring center can be set up to monitor real-time measurement of multiple balancing machines to facilitate the management of data on the overall effective management

Regularly check the generator to maintain the car's heart

Before delivery, Quality of generator is guaranteed by generator rotor balancing machine . After delivery, the quality is better and the generator with longer life .But it is still prone to various problems if it is not properly used and maintained