Even Small Parts Have Such A Big Magical Effect

Do you understand how much the car's parts play a role? Especially in the winter, the safety of these parts is particularly important.
They are clutches, flywheels and pulleys.

In general, the clutch is mainly composed of three parts, they are the flywheel, clutch plate, clutch pressure plate three basic components. Among them, the flywheel and the clutch pressure plate are the active parts in the clutch. They are connected with the crankshaft of the engine and they also rotate with the rotation of the crankshaft. The clutch plate is a passive component that can drive the engine. Pass to the clutch shaft. Although the clutch is small, its importance cannot be ignored.


The flywheel is a relatively high-quality cast iron inertial disk that can store energy. This energy is used to supply non-working strokes, thereby ensuring engine crankshaft rotation uniformity and output torque uniformity. The inertial force of the flywheel itself is used to overcome the compression resistance in the cylinder when the car is started, thereby promoting the normal operation of the engine.

The automobile pulley is one of the important components of the automobile engine. The normal operation of the automobile can not be separated from the function and support of the pulley. The pulley is a hub-type workpiece, which is generally slightly larger in size, and is mainly used for power transmission at a relatively long distance, so the quality of the pulley will determine the power output.

As a well-known high-end brand of Chinese balancing machine, Shanghai Jianping's vertical drilling automatic balancing machine has undergone three major changes since the beginning of production R&D.

Whether it is a clutch between a car engine and a transmission as a clutch, or an automobile flywheel that carries a power storage in a car engine, or a belt pulley that is an important part of power transmission, it can be completed using a fully automatic balancing machine of the A1LZ1 vertical drilling automatic balancing machine.


Jian Ping Vertical drilling automatic balancing machine brand new upgrade

After the two major innovations of the Jianping vertical drilling automatic balancing machine, the most direct change is in the appearance, the appearance has a more strong three-dimensional appearance, and the ergonomic design allows the operator to operate the balancing machine even more. Smooth and comfortable. The newly upgraded electric measurement system can store more measurement data, and the measurement system is more advanced, which can better guarantee the balance accuracy.