Extend The Life Of Your Air Conditioner - Cross Flow Fan Blade Balancing Machine

Whether in the hot summer or in the harsh winters, air conditioners are essential for home use. They not only have cooling and heating functions, but also remove dust, remove moisture and dissipate electricity, etc. Therefore, R & D personnel keep researching good quality machines Type, while the air conditioning is more important parts, cross flow fan leaves played a crucial role.

Cross-flow fan is a special fan, generally columnar, also has a large cylindrical. The wind blown out slowly, into a columnar, which can be used in combination to form a relay-type airflow transmission. Tubular fan mainly by the impeller, duct and motor composed of three parts.

The advantages of cross flow fan blades
1, the wind speed distribution is even
2, the outlet air flow more evenly distributed along the axis
Therefore, the balancing efficiency of the cross-flow fan blades has played a crucial

JP Cross Flow Fan Blade Balancing Machines


Shanghai Jianping provide standard range of cross-flow leaf dynamic balancing machine, you can balance the maximum weight of 16 kg, 150 mm diameter blades. As a professional manufacturer, Shanghai Jianping also manufactures special cross-flow fan balancing machines that can be used with all types of cross-flow fans.
Shanghai Jianping balance machines are in the ISO and customer requirements under the factory standard design, manufacture and testing. The company uses the latest proven technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and repeatability faster than any other machine on the market.

The cross-flow fan balancing machine adopts advanced electric measuring system, adopts multi-scaling coefficient combination to automatically adjust the system sensitivity, shift without jumping, double filtering of software and hardware, high-speed data compression, more stable, more accurate and faster. The measured value shows the combination of numbers and vector graphics, all system parameters have prompt information, including the definition of parameters and setting range, the entire process of calibration wizard.