Factors That Affect The Work Of The Balancing Machine?

Balancing Machine is a measure of balance of the instrument, but in normal work will also be some problems, we told you that under the balance of the normal work of the factors which have what

    1, the balance of the workpiece itself bearing the journal roundness is not good, resulting in the balance machine can not work properly.

    2, the balance of the workpiece itself, the stiffness of the poor, easy to damage.

    3, the workpiece itself at the support surface roughness is too low.

Balanced machine sometimes, there will be some minor failures. But these failures often lead to it can not work properly, can not work normally the general factors need to balance the reasons for the detection of the workpiece, the balance of the equipment itself and the reasons for the reasons for the line.

    A. Line environment reasons: voltage, current and balance machine is matched.

    B. Balance the reasons for their own: parts loose, damaged, the system failure.

    C. Dynamic balance detection Corrected product reasons: Product parameters beyond the balance of the machine to allow detection range, the product itself, the quality of failure reasons.

When using the Balancing Machine should be how to calibrate? Here to look at  introduction.

In order to restore the equilibrium component to the equilibrium state of the predetermined accuracy, it must be corrected for the size and phase of the unbalanced balance machine. Let us look at the three types of universal joint Balancing Machines Method bars

1, to re-law: the radius of the rotor has been measured at the original imbalance and imbalance phase angle, then this point is the "focus", we drill or milling and other methods in the same phase, radius for the Department The weight is removed, and if the weight of the vector is satisfied, the rotor is balanced. This is the balance algorithm to the heavy method. In practice, it is often subjected to multiple tests and corrections to achieve the residual unbalance.

2, counterweight component method: In order to counterweight easy to install, you can first be in the balance of the rotor drilling a number of uniform screw hole, the correction can be in the slightest adjacent to the two screw holes plus the quality of the sum of the If the following vector relationship is satisfied, the rotor can also be balanced.

3, the additional balance plate method: For those who need to often unbalanced the amount of correction of the rotor, such as grinder wheel rotor, before the balance recommended to install a balance plate on the rotor. Balanced plate processing trapezoidal slot, for the additional The balance block, the outer circumference of the disc, is uniformly scaled one week.