Fans Unbalance Diagnose & Field Balance

Fans as general equipment are widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, coal, electricity and other industries. A good operation of the fan directly affects the production safety. The operation of the fan monitoring and fault diagnosis also aroused everyone's attention. Rotor imbalance is one of the most common faults in rotating equipment, and there is already a more mature theory for unbalanced diagnosis and correction. In order to reduce maintenance time, improve maintenance efficiency, people are in the constant pursuit of efficient dynamic balance correction method. Field dynamic balance as a new dynamic balance method, is gradually applied to a variety of machines in the rotor dynamic balance correction.


There are three main ways to correct the imbalance of the rotor: the testing machine balance, the online balance, the field dynamic balance. The balance of the testing machine is one of the most commonly used dynamic balance correction methods. It has a more mature theory and a wealth of experience, but needs for disintegration machine correction work. Online balance can always correct the machine imbalance, for the balance the state of the machine is particularly useful. On-site balancing between the two machines do not disintegrate, investment is relatively small. It is now gradually in many types of machine balance instead of testing machine balance, but it is a higher demand for the professional operators.



1. First of all, the machine must be diagnosed before the dynamic balance of the machine has an unbalanced failure and exclude the existence of other failures.
2. Field dynamic balance as one of the methods to correct the rotor imbalance can effectively improve the balance of the rotor with a good balance effect.
3. On-site dynamic balance does not need to disassemble the target, can reduce the maintenance of working hours and maintenance costs, with good economic benefits. It took a couple of weeks to carry out an experimental machine balance, and the on-site balancing took only two and a half hours, and the machine did not disassemble and save a lot of work. The field dynamic balance is carried out under the actual support condition and speed of the rotor working, which avoids the influence of the speed and the supporting condition on the balance effect in the balanced mode of the testing machine. Therefore, the balance effect is better and the rotor balance state is avoided transport or installation process that may cause damage.


In short, the dynamic balance is an effective, time-saving balancing method, has a wide range of applications. Fans, centrifuges, pumps, compressors, winding head and other rotating machinery can be applied to the field of dynamic balance method for balance correction. Not only can effectively improve the balance of the machine conditions to prevent further damage to the machine, but also save maintenance of working hours and maintenance costs.