Features Of Double Plane Vertical Balancing Machines

Disc-shape parts need to do more and more balance, then what is the balance that various types of disc-shaped work pieces demand dynamic balance to check it? JP Balancing Machines’ production of double-sided vertical pneumatic balancer is doing a myth job.
Vertical Balancing Machine Overview:
Vertical balance machine refers to the rotation axis of the rotor in the balance machine showing a balance under the vertical machine. In general, there is no rotary axis of the disc-like machine that can be used to balance the vertical balance machine calibration. Balance of a car wheel assembly can meet its balance requirements with a single-sided balance, but many work pieces require double-sided balance checks to ensure their balance performance and to improve the efficiency of mass production.


Vertical Balancing Machines


There are many kinds of disc-shaped work pieces of which the more common have to do the dynamic balance check the centrifugal fan, brake disc, saw blade, saw impeller, flywheel, wheel, etc., for the professional manufacture of A number of specific parts of the enterprise in turn, you can choose a special balancing machine, but many companies are not just a single type of work piece, and may be affected by other factors, you can choose double- The balance correction


Double-sided vertical balancing machine Features:
1. The machine in the machine vertical installation of the state, the machine can be double-sided dynamic balance or single-sided dynamic balance.
2. the use of new technology designed pneumatic spindle, special box, with a special fixture to achieve the fixture pneumatic relaxation hold, and the traditional rigid elastic fixture compared to up and down more convenient.
3. Low labor intensity, high production efficiency, the scope of application is more wide, especially for the mass production of the
4. The use of variable frequency motor drive, stepless speed control, smooth acceleration and deceleration, more efficient and safe.


Double-sided vertical balancing machine is different from single-sided vertical balancing machine, the machine can be single-sided dynamic balance or double-sided dynamic balance, and balance efficiency can improve a lot.