Function And Application Of Automobile Cooling Fan Balancing

The car cooling system is designed to allow the engine to be moderately cooled under all operating conditions to keep the engine operating at the right temperature. At present, most passenger cars use water-cooled cooling systems, mainly pumps, radiators, cooling fans, thermostats, expansion kettles, engine cooling water jackets, and additional devices.

The imbalance of the cooling fan is prone to vibration and noise, and the passengers in the car feel uncomfortable, which also affects the cooling performance and increases the energy consumption.


The automobile cooling fan balancing machine produced by Shanghai Jianping can be used for the overall balance of the automobile engine cooling fan and the water tank cooling fan assembly. It can measure the magnitude and position of the unbalance of the engine cooling fan, and balance the balance according to the measured imbalance, so that the cooling fan can achieve higher balance and be more stable during operation.

Features of Auto Cooling Fan Balancing Machine combines :

1. Adopt 12-inch touch screen, fully consider the convenience and controllability of the operation process, and the human-computer interaction interface is very friendly;

2. Jianping's self-developed JP800 balance software, advanced technology and high balance;

3. Measure the unbalanced value and test the current, voltage, power and other electrical parameters. It is powerful;

4. Multi-functional fixture can adapt to more kinds of workpieces and has a wide range of applications;

5. Start the quick chuck to quickly clamp the work and improve working efficiency.


The car cooling fan balancing machine with several advantages is one of the mature products of Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The high R&D technology, accurate measurement calibration and excellent design enable it to quickly and accurately detect the cooling fan. Balance factor and correct corresponding imbalance value