Future Trends-From The Motor To The New Energymotor

In China, the development of new energy vehicles still has great potential, as its "muscle" drive motor development even more should not be underestimated. As China's demand for new energy vehicles to enhance the demand for its supporting motor is also getting higher and higher. The drive motor system is a new energy car one of the three core components.

Motor drive control system is the main executive structure of the new energy vehicles, the driving characteristics of which determine the main performance indicators of car driving, which is an important part of electric vehicles.

The entire electric vehicle drive system includes a motor drive system and its mechanical transmission mechanism two parts. Motor drive system mainly by the motor, power converter, controller, a variety of detection sensors and power supply and other components

Motor in a variety of industrial products are more important as a component, as a variety of electrical and mechanical power source, the importance of the motor can be imagined. But if you want the motor to work better for us when it is in operation, the balancing of the motor is a problem that must be paid attention to


New energy motor balancing machines, motor industry efficient balance assistant


In order to better help new energy motor manufacturers to improve working efficiency and reduce human error, Jp increase the power de-weight device in the two ends, with the pneumatic clamping work function , Allows the workpiece to decrease weight without  removing the workpiece, so as to improve work efficiency


This new energy motor balancing machine with a professional design of the bracket, which can effectively transfer mechanical force, good rigidity to ensure that the vibration damping machine is relatively small; high sensitivity sensors and permanent calibration of the measurement principle, to achieve a high accuracy. In addition, in order to make the operator more comfortable , adopt advanced electrical measurement system to make the human-computer interface more friendly, while the design also refers to the ergonomics, make every effort to ensure the comfort degree of staff operating