Gospel Of Disk-shaped Workpiece Balancer--Dual-Plane Vertical Balancing Machine

As a leader in the industry of balancing machines, JP Balancing Machines spent a lot of money and energy in the field of automatic balancing machine made a breakthrough, opened a new door in the field of automatic balancing machine, at the same time, JP Balancing Machines for all types Other balancing machines have been maintaining the attitude of continuous improvement.

Disk-shaped workpiece needs to do more and more dynamic balance, then what balance function for all kinds of disc-shaped workpiece to provide dynamic balance check it? Shanghai Jianping Dual-Plane Vertical Balancing Machine is the disc-shaped workpiece balancing machine gospel.

Vertical Balancer Overview:

Vertical balancing machine refers to the balance of the rotor axis of rotation on the balancing machine in a vertical state of the balancing machine, generally speaking, no rotating shaft of the disc-shaped workpiece balancing machines can be used to balance checks. Balances like automotive wheel assemblies can be balanced with one-sided to meet their balance needs, but many parts still need to be double-sided balance to ensure that the balance of performance, and can improve the efficiency of mass production.

There are many disc-shaped workpieces, of which the more common need to do balancing checks are centrifugal fans, brake discs, brake drums, saw blades, pump impeller, flywheel, wheel, etc., for the manufacture of a few specific parts of the enterprise In terms of, you can choose a special balancing machine, but many companies are not just a single type of manufacturing parts, and may be affected by other factors, you can choose a double-sided vertical balancing machine to do the balance correction.

Range of Application

This machine is suitable for centrifugal fans, brake discs, brake drums, saw, water pump impeller, flywheel, grinding wheel, saw blades and other disc-shaped workpieces single / double plane balance testing

Special Features

Dual Plane Vertical Balancing Machines adopted pneumatic clamp.specially measuring system.equipped with special clamp.it can achieve pneumatic hold and realx of clamp.Easy to load and unload.with high precision and efficiency.especially suitable for mass production of workpieces
Dual-Plane Vertical Balancing Machines

Dual-Plane Vertical Balancing Machine is different from single-sided vertical balancing machine, the workpiece can be single-sided dynamic balance or double-sided balance, the balance of efficiency can improve a lot.
Shanghai Jianping Dual-Plane Vertical Balancing Machine from the market has been a large number of customers unanimously praised. Of course, Jianping is a professional balancing machine manufacturing company, but also produce other types of balancing machines to meet any customer requirements.