Guangzhou International Metalworking Industry Exhibition

From March 10th to 12th, 2019, at the China Import and Export Fair Complex (Guangzhou), the most representative metal processing exhibition in South China - 2019 Guangzhou International Metalworking Industry Exhibition was opened. As an experienced brand enterprise in the dynamic balance detection industry, Shanghai Jianping participated in this industry event.


At the exhibition, vertical balancing automatic balancing machineautomatic positioning balancing machinebelt balancing machine and other dynamic balance testing equipment for metal casting industry were exhibited. Among them, the vertical drilling automatic balancing machine is mainly for disc-shaped workpiece customers in the auto parts industry such as: flywheel, pulley, clutch platen, pump impeller, vacuum pump rotor, differential case, car gearbox, etc. It is popular with its simple operation, convenient application and high precision.


The Shanghai Jianping booth has ushered in many climaxes. Many buyers expressed their strong interest in Jianping's exhibits. They have conducted in-depth industry discussions and exchanges with the on-site staff. Through the explanation of the staff, the buyers Jianping's three major exhibits have been highly praised, and they indicate that there will be deep cooperation and exchanges in the later period.


The exhibition is an important link between manufacturers and suppliers, buyers and information exchange and trade negotiations. For Shanghai Jianping, it is an opportunity to compete with the same people, and it is an important opportunity for Jianping to establish a reputation in the industry. In the future, Shanghai Jianping will inevitably continue to innovate and gradually study, injecting new blood and forward momentum for the development of China's balancing machine field!