Happy New Year Wishes Win-win 2019!

Wang dog retired from the old age, and the golden pig welcomes the New Year! The New Year's bell is about to ring. At this moment of the old and new, Shanghai Jianping Dynamic Balancing Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. expresses heartfelt thanks and blessings to you, and expresses the most sincere New Year greetings and deep respect. I wish you all a happy New Year! Healthy body! Family fun! Pigs are good!


The Spring Festival couplets depict the background of the times with neat, dual, concise and ingenious texts, and express their good wishes. It is a unique literary form in China. Every Spring Festival, whether in the city or in the countryside, every household should select a red spring couplet on the door to increase the festive atmosphere for the festival.


Shounian is the custom of Chinese folks on New Year's Eve and is a unique literary form of China. Also known as the virtual consumption, leap years, staying up late. Refers to the family reunion on New Year's Eve, staying up late to welcome the Lunar New Year.During the Spring Festival, the red envelopes sent to the younger generation by the elders after 0:00 pm on the 30th are called the lucky money (the old age package), which means bringing the blessings and good luck of the new year to them.


Sincerely wish you all the best in the new year.
Good luck in the east, smooth in the south
Peaceful in the west, no worries in the north
Have health in
Left Fengyuan, right developed. There is a lucky star before, and there is a Buddha behind.
A lot of money, good luck