High Efficiency And High Quality Pulley Balancing Machine

The advantages of pulley drive

Pulley transmission can ease load impact; Pulley transmission runs smoothly, low noise, low vibration; Pulley transmission structure is simple, easy to adjust; Pulley transmission for the manufacture and installation of the pulley is not as strict meshing transmission; Pulley transmission with overload protection function; Pulley drive two-axis center distance adjustment range.


Jianping pulley balancing machine new upgrade
As a well-known high-end balancer brand in China, Shanghai Jianping pulley balancing machine has experienced three major changes from the beginning of its production and R & D.
Whether it is a connected car clutch between a car engine and a gearbox or a car flywheel that holds power accumulator in a car engine, or a pulley that is an important part of power transmission, you can use the Jianping A1LZ1 pulley balancing machine to complete the balance check.


After two major innovations, Jianping pulley balancing machine is the most direct change in appearance, the appearance has a more intense three-dimensional, and ergonomic design allows the operator to operate the balancing machine more smooth and comfortable. New upgraded electrical measurement system can store more measurement data, and the measurement system is more advanced, to better ensure the balance accuracy.

1. Manual loading or unloading
2.15 inch touch screen
3.Advanced balancing software
4.Automatic measuring,drilling and retesting
5.Twice correction or more can be excuted by removing-weight
6.Rigid bed-structure design ensures long service life
7.It is widely used to balance clutch, flywheel, pulley, pump impeller etc

Automobile flywheels, Automotive pulleys and other auto parts manufacturers, new energy vehicles have been moving from the era, it is time to the company with several professional high-efficiency high-quality Automatic balancing machine.