High-end And Groovy The Balance Of Crankshaft Measurement

As the key component of the crankshaft, the dynamic balance accuracy directly affects the work performance and service life. Therefore, the dynamic balance is the key process for crankshaft manufacturing and inspection.

The working principle of the crankshaft:
The crankshaft is one of the most typical and important parts in the engine. Its function is to convert the pressure of the gas transmitted from the piston connecting rod.


The main reason for crankshaft fracture:
(1) Long-term deterioration of engine oil;
(2) After the engine is repaired, the loading period has not gone through
(3) The use of surfacing in the repair of the crankshaft destroys the dynamic balance of the crankshaft
(4) Vehicles are heavily overloaded due to poor road conditions

Because of the particularity of the shape and function of the automotive crankshaft workpieces, balance correction is generally performed using a special balancing machine. After the crankshaft balancing machine is calibrated and calibrated, the crankshaft tends to be balanced and more stable. Shanghai Jianping balancing machine thinks of customers, urging customers to worry, using advanced crankshaft balancing technology with high-tech electrical testing technology to come up with an overall, comprehensive, and brand-new design for crankshaft dynamic balancing machine.


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