High Precision Two-station Automatic Balancing Machine

Dynamic balance is a basic common problem that must be solved in the production and manufacturing process of rotating products. The degree of its advantages directly determines the working performance and service life of the products, and has a huge impact on the quality of the products. For example, in the automotive and power tools industries, the development of high-speed and light-weight motors has become more and more demanding on the vibration and noise of such products. The corresponding rotor dynamic balancing technology has also been put more demanding. Requirements.

At present, rotor balance from domestic motor manufacturers, in addition to a few factories to introduce foreign automatic balancing, most of the plants are still manual de-weight. Manual de-weighting generally requires 4 to 5 times of weight reduction, which not only has low production efficiency, poor calibration quality, but also has a large damage to the rotor.Therefore, it is necessary to manufacture high-precision, automated dynamic balancing machines. Let us introduce the two-station automatic balancing machine.


Brief introduction of Shanghai Jianping two-station automatic balancing machine

Features: Fully automatic balance correction machine adopts Jianping's electric measurement system. The measurement methods are diversified, dynamic and static balance, and there are up to 10 support modes. Add deduplication and forward and reverse can be customized flexibly. High measurement accuracy, multi-scaling coefficient combination, automatic adjustment of system sensitivity, shifting without jump, software and hardware double filtering, data compression, measurement more stable, more accurate, faster

Application: Mainly used for rotor balance measurement and correction of rotor and end face de-weighting, can be connected to rotor production line for automatic production