Horizontal Balancing Machine Application Scope

Horizontal balancing machine ----- is the balance of the rotor rotation axis in the balance on the horizontal state of the balancing machine, in general, with a shaft or can be equipped with the shaft of the process, such as motor rotor, machine tool spindle, drum, fan , Steam turbine, supercharger rotor, etc., are applicable to horizontal balancing machine. Mainly used in large-scale motor rotor, blower, centrifugal impeller, dryer, drum and other rotating parts of the balance check.

Trouble Cause and Elimination of Horizontal Balancing Machine

There are many factors that cause the balancing machine to fail or fail to achieve equilibrium. Some of these factors are the reason for balancing the workpiece, and the reason for the machine itself or the electrical system. So as long as a certain link is not normal will inevitably affect the balance of the workpiece, such as targeted analysis of these phenomena in order to help us correctly distinguish and determine the reasons for the emergence of various circumstances, and then take effective measures to reduce or eliminate these The Influence of Unfavorable Factors on Workpiece Balance.

The impact of the workpiece

Correcting the workpiece imbalance requires more than the balance machine itself, the minimum reachable residual unbalance, that is, the balance of the balance of precision can not meet the requirements of the workpiece balance. The roundness of the journal itself is not good and the surface roughness is too low. Poor rigidity of the workpiece itself, deformation during high-speed rotation resulting in mass offset, or the workpiece itself has a fixed part in the rotating state of moving or loose. The balance of the rotor in the actual use will be obvious vibration, which is not caused by the imbalance of the rotor itself, but because the rotor support journal into an oval or rotor structure on the existence of differences in stiffness caused by the high harmonics , The electromagnetic excitation caused by the vibration of the impact of air vortex, the system caused by the resonance. Due to the frequent activation of other equipment connected to the grid caused by power fluctuations and noise or due to the support roller and the rotor journal diameter similar to the two produced by the beat frequency interference. The difference between the wheel diameter and the workpiece journal size should be greater than 20%.

The balance of the mandrel itself or the coaxiality error between the mandrel installation and the support, and the gap between the mandrel and the rotor, resulting in the balance of the rotor after the reloading of the rotor When used or when there is a large imbalance. The actual working state of the workpiece rotor and the state of the balance check are inconsistent. When the unbalance amount of the workpiece rotor is corrected, the center position of the aggravated or de-gravity is deviated from the correction position displayed by the balancing machine.

Balance machine

1. Left and right support at the level of the rotor around the movement or journal plane and support the Department of rubbing.

2. The support block is seriously worn or the roller beats increase.

3. Supports dirt, no lubricants.

4. Install the balance of the foundation does not meet the requirements of the bottom of the joint surface is not pad, the anchor bolts are not fastened, or on the floor, causing resonance.

5. The output signal of the sensor is not normal.

6. The fastening screws at the parts that can be moved on the support frame are not tightened.

7. Transmission does not meet the requirements, there are obvious seams.

8. Balancing machine photoelectric head is not positive reflective paper, photoelectric head mirror blur, photoelectric head position deviation caused by angular offset.