Horizontal Balancing Machine Do You Know?

Horizontal balancing machine do you know?

Horizontal balancing machine we all know what is it? Xiaobian before we introduced a lot of knowledge about the balancing machine, I believe we have learned, but on the horizontal balancing machine is not a lot of introduction, then let Xiaobian to give you a detailed description of it The

The main function of the horizontal balancer's electrical system is to process the electrical signals from the sensor, including the reference model and the swing signal of the wobble, which will show the position and size of the rotor unbalance. Of the key components, which directly affect the performance of the balance machine.

The mechanical part of the general horizontal dynamic balance, for example, balance the lower part of the bed is to place the balance of the various parts of the machine and the basis of solid equipment, from the left and right two wings through the wheel to support the rotor to provide the rotor rotation conditions through the belt (YYQ (YYW universal joint balancing machine) drag the rotor rotation, according to the sensor mounted on the two pendulum frame vibration signal will be converted into electrical signals to the electrical measurement part of the mechanical part also includes the shaft To the moving frame and the security frame and other auxiliary components.

The electronic control part is the part of the control and control of the drag motor balancing machine, which is also called the electric control box.The electric control part is two kinds of DC control and AC control, among which the AC control is divided into two-speed AC control and frequency conversion AC control. Some of the electronic control part of the balancing machine and mechanical parts into one.

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