Horizontal Balancing Machines For Fan Parts

There are many factors that cause the balancing machine fail to achieve equilibrium. Some of these factors are the reason for balancing the work piece, and the reason for the machine itself or the electrical system. Fan in the iron and steel processing enterprises, the fan blades continued to be washed and uneven wear and tear due to the dust particles, easy to produce imbalance, so that the unit often vibration failure, seriously restricting the normal production. Field dynamic balancing technology to ensure the normal operation of the fan is essential. With the development of science and technology, the use of advanced fault diagnosis technology, timely diagnosis of fan failure is the inevitable trend of equipment management development. Commonly used machinery contains a large number of rotary motion parts, such as a variety of driveshaft, spindle, and motor and turbine rotor.


The reason for the unbalanced
General machine contains a large number of rotating parts, such as: drive shaft, spindle, motor, and turbine rotor. When any rotor rotates around its axis, centrifugal force is generated due to uneven distribution of the mass and distribution relative to the axis. This unbalanced centrifugal force acts on the rotor bearings to cause vibration, noise and accelerated bearing wear, which seriously affects the performance and longevity of the product. For this reason, the rotor must be balanced to the desired level of equilibrium accuracy or to extent that the resulting mechanical vibration amplitude falls within the allowable range. Rotary components such as impeller, motor rotor, machine tool spindle, internal combustion engine crankshaft, turbine rotor, and gyro rotor and watch wheel and so on are all need to be balanced to run normally.

 Horizontal Balancing Machines, Fan Blower On

The fan is related to the energy consumption in the whole system of the product, which a very important part in energy is saving. However, according to the national air conditioning equipment quality supervision and inspection center in recent years, the fan test shows that many fans have more problems under the rated working conditions, Strictly in accordance with product standards require the production and manufacture of fans in the understanding of market demand, the sword produced a variety of fans for the industry balance machine.


The horizontal balancing machine can balance the rotor from 50 kg to a maximum of 30000 kg with diameter 2800 mm. It is widely used in large and medium-sized motor rotor, blower, centrifugal impeller, dryer, and so on. It has the advantages of large driving power, high precision, easy operation and so on. It can be used in large and medium-sized motor rotor, Roller and other rotating parts of the dynamic balance check.