How Accurate Is The Turbine Balancing Machines

The main performance of the Turbine Balancing Machines is shown in two general guidelines for the residual unbalance measurement and the unbalance measurement. The former is the minimum value of the residual unbalance measured by the turbine balancing function to make the rotor arrive. The latter is a measure of balanced power, usually indicated by a percentage, by the ratio of the amount of unbalance measured to the initial unbalance. So, do you know how to check the precision of the Turbine Balancing Machines? Let's take a look at it together.

Remove the test weight from the Turbine Balancing Machines. Release the wheel from the device, rotate it about 35 degrees and then lock it again, then test it. In this test, the unbalanced number of the Turbine Balancing Machines should not exceed the maximum of 10 grams per side (15 grams of special heavy wheel). This error is due to the precision of the fixing error of the wheel rim and the key to this test and normal balance work.

Turbine rotor balancing machine is used for testing unbalanced instrument, according to the measurement calibration, to improve the balance of the rotor weight distribution, the vibration of the rotor shaft neck during operation or reduce the force acting on the bearing to the specified range. For the daily maintenance of the car, the role of the Turbine Balancing Machines can't be ignored. How much do you know about the Turbine Balancing Machines? Let's take a look at the use of turbo balancer.

It is necessary to wash the turbo balancer often and keep the turbo balancing machine clean, the guide surface should be clean, and oil and rust is often applied.

2. The surface of the supporting block or roller should be kept clean, and the iron and dust shall not be adhered to. The net supporting block or roller and rotor shaft neck shall be wiped out before each operation, and a small amount of lubricating oil shall be added;

3. Mobile support should turn the rotor together or move left and right supporting bracket together with speed, avoid shaft neck and wear of wheel appearance scratch are not allowed to put the rotor wheel rack for hitting or touch attack;

4. Due to the low temperature in winter, the computer system at sub-zero is accidentally started to be slow down to normal appearance, which does not affect the normal operation of the Turbine Balancing Machines

For turbo balancing machine is to reduce vibration, improve performance and improve the quality of the indispensable equipment, widely used in heavy industry, home appliances, aviation, machinery, automobile industry and agricultural machinery, etc. We should pay attention to the following aspects when choosing a Turbine Balancing Machines:

1. The size and size of the workpiece and the weight of the workpiece are required to check the dynamic balance.

2. Self-propelled blade Turbine Balancing Machines is suitable for small ventilator blades, such as air conditioner blower, evaporator fan, etc.

3. Operation of workpiece such as the torque large can be used to the Turbine Balancing Machines driven by wanxiang coupling. It is generally used in the motor industry, and the belt type is more general and convenient to operate.

Four. Single vertical Balancing Machines is suitable for the correction of all kinds of diameter is larger than the thickness of a lot of disk artifacts, such as flywheel, pulley, diamond grinding wheel, automobile clutch and assembly, wheel hub, brake disc, disc cutter, pressure plate, dial, centrifuge, fan and water pump impeller, and so on.

With the progress of social economy, more and more parts need to be balanced, and the application of turbo balancer is more extensive, and the development of turbo balancing machine is promoted step by step.