How Does The Representation Of The Sensitivity And Precision Of The Balancing Machine Be Expressed?

  How does the representation of the sensitivity and precision of the balancing machine be expressed?

  Balanced machine sensitivity and accuracy of the presentation method has been varied. The accuracy of the so-called instrumentation, for the amplitude of the error, the commonly used indicator or full scale to represent the percentage, and the phase error common degrees that. However, for a balancing machine, balancing machine if the correction is performed in accordance with the unbalance indication indicated by the above precision and the permissible residual unbalance of the rotor is within a certain limit, for a rotor with a large initial imbalance, this The error appears too strict, and the initial imbalance of the small rotor, the error is very loose.

  In addition, even if there is a certain amplitude, phase error, if you increase the number of corrections, within a certain limit the amount of residual unbalance will gradually decrease, but after a certain limit can not be smaller. On the other hand, balancing machine the so-called sensitivity means that the indication of the instrument is increased by a scale that must be applied, and the above values vary with the rotor mass. Based on the above, the recent International Organization for Standardization has identified criteria for assessing the performance of balancers. It uses the specified check rotor, balancing machine and according to the prescribed procedures to test, test results of a minimum up to the amount of residual unbalance, and unbalanced reduction rate to represent.

  Balance machine, the maximum rotor mass of 1t, the balance speed of 280 ~ 2080r / min, divided into five files. balancing machine The vertical axis is the minimum amount of residual unbalance, and the horizontal axis is the rotor mass. The curve is taken as the parameter of the speed.