How Many Ways Does The Balancing Machine Drive?

  How many ways does the balancing machine drive? believe that the use of the balance machine more or less should know the one or two kinds of balancing machine transmission, but may not understand the comprehensive, we balance machine manufacturers today for everyone to detailed introduction of the balance machine in the end how many kinds of transmission mode, the following people together to see it.

  Belt transmission mode:

  Belt drive is the use of rubber ring belt, by the motor pulley to drag the rotor, so the ring belt requires that the rotor surface must have a smooth cylindrical surface, the advantages of the belt drag is not to affect the unbalance of the rotor, the accuracy of the balancing machine is high.

  Coupling transmission mode:

  Coupling drive is the use of universal joints to the balance machine spindle and the rotor. The characteristic of the coupling drag is suitable for the irregular outer rotor, which can transmit the larger torque, and is suitable for dragging the fan, paper rollers, such as wind resistance larger rotor, coupling drag of the disadvantage of the coupling itself will have an impact on the rotor, so the coupling before use to balance it, otherwise it will introduce interference effect balance accuracy, in addition to do a lot of connection to adapt to different models of the rotor.

  Self-driven mode:

  Self-driven is the use of the rotor's own power rotation. Self-driven is the minimum impact on the balance accuracy of the drag mode, the balance accuracy can reach the highest, but only the structure allows the special rotor to use this kind of drag.

  Balancing machine manufacturers for the introduction of the three kinds of transmission way we are somewhat familiar with it, we understand the balance of the transmission of the machine, I believe that the future use of the balance of opportunity to have more help