How The Tire Balancing Machine Detects The Tire

  How the tire balancing machine detects the tire

  Tire balancing machine refers to the tire positioning, one of the tires inspection items, if the tire is not balanced, will cause the vehicle when driving, left and right partial swing up and down the beating, steering wheel rocking phenomenon, so we must use tire balancing machine on its To test, let's take a look at the use of tire balancing machine steps.

  First, the tire to the appropriate pressure, remove the lead on the rim of the block, the tire groove in the stones removed, the rim processing clean.

  Then, install the tire mounting surface in the balance shaft, select the appropriate vertebral body, with the locking device to tighten the tire, (vertebral body must be aligned with the center hole, otherwise the data may not be allowed)

  Then, turn on the balancer power, pull the ruler to measure the distance of the rim from the balancing machine, the rim width, the rim diameter, and then enter the measured data in turn. Press the start button, the balance machine began to drive the tire rotation, the measurement began, be careful not to stand near the tire to avoid danger. The balancing machine measures the data to stop automatically.

  Finally, the tire is rotated to the side of the balancing machine. The position lights are all bright (different models are displayed in different ways). On the side of the full side, the highest point of the rim is the 12-point position, and the other side is also like this.

  Repeat the above steps until the balancing machine is displayed as 0 (5 grams or less, because there is no lead below 5 grams, the balancer does not show the following unbalanced 5 grams) the need to remove the tire at the end of the balance.

  These are the tire balancing machines on the tire inspection steps.