How To Choose Motor Balancing Machine?

Motor in a variety of industrial products are more important as a component, as a variety of electrical and mechanical power source, the importance of the motor can be imagined. But if we want the motor to work better for us when it is in operation, the balancing of the motor is a problem that must be paid attention to.

The market do not have hundreds of dozens, then how to choose a suitable balance machine supplier?

Motor balancing machine manufacturers choice

First of all, to give your motor home choose the right motor balancing machine manufacturers, it must be a preliminary understanding of its advanced nature, you can first online to understand, search relevant information, do not blindly go to those well-known manufacturers Talk about cooperation. This is done mainly to avoid being offset by the manufacturer of the balance and buying a balancer that is not suitable for you.

Shanghai Jianping will be based on the specific needs of customers to give specific targeted models, but also for different parts, Jianping customers can also provide customized services to ensure that each customer can buy a suitable balance of products .

Motor balancing machines for the type (in Shanghai Jianping Balancing Machine as an example)

Coil balancing machine: Coil balancing machine can be the rotor, impeller and other rotating parts balance correction, the use of ring drive, to ensure the balance of quality and precision workpieces, and ring belt balancing machine loading and unloading convenient, fast start, high efficiency .

Automatic positioning balancing machine: Especially suitable for micro-motor rotor mass balance, measurement automatically stop, unqualified will stop at the point of imbalance, a variety of flexible automatic positioning to make the operation more concise.

Soft bearing balancer: Shanghai Jianping PRQ series soft support balancing machine, is designed for micro-motor rotor balancing test developed, high sensitivity, simple operation.

Two-station rotor automatic balancing machine: can correct the maximum weight of 0.5KG, 40 mm diameter rotor, the balance can be completed once the heavy, fast beat, the replacement of the product is very convenient.

Motor balancing machine prices

Balancing machines suitable for motor balancing a wide range of price differences are enormous, ranging from tens of thousands to millions are distributed in the range of such a large range of which to choose a suitable product for yourself is not easy.

In the selection of balancing machine when you need to polish your eyes, rational analysis, do not buy because of low prices, the price may be low quality and after-sales will not be satisfactory; do not because of the high price blindly think its product quality is bound to be good, from more Progress analysis, in order to buy the right motor balancing machine.