How To Keep Dynamic Balancing Machine Clean

At present, with the application of microcomputer technology, the Balancing Machine is brought into a new era. The Balancing Machine has achieved remarkable improvement in performance, precision and operability. Balancing machine has been widely used by people, although easy to use, but it will inevitably fall dust, not only look bad , but also affect the mechanical performance, therefore, many people will ask how to do clean work for balancing machine ?

Therefore, the dynamic balancing for the rotor is very necessary

1. Bracket connecting parts of the surface to keep clean, carefully check before work, fuel, lubrication at work to maintain good.

2. The various parts of the bracket have been adjusted before leaving the factory. Do not disassemble them when in use.

3. Each class before use lubrication plus the appropriate amount of 30 oil, the butter in a shift system should be cleaned once a year 

4. Locking mechanism should be able to reliably lock the bracket, when released, should completely leave the swinging part. The bracket should only be loosened during measurement and should be locked for the rest of the time. Locking should not make the wheel frame move.

5. Non-working time should not be placed parts which need to do balance on the bracket for a long time 

6. Electrical box should be kept clean to prevent damp.

7. The machine is found in the course of the exception can not handle, you should promptly cut off the power and notify the maintenance team

Lens glass of dynamic balancing machine photoelectric head should often use liniment paper or lens cleaning cloth to clear the outer surface of the lens to keep it clean

In view of the above, the International Organization for Standardization has recently determined the method for assessing the performance of a balancing machine. It uses the required calibration rotors and tests according to the prescribed procedures. The test results can be expressed as the ratio of the remaining unbalance and the unbalance reduction